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For jets, the sky is the limit. For rockets, the journey ends in orbit. At DSE we like to think the destinations and possibilities are limitless. In many ways, the aerospace industry carries peoples’ dreams. DSE engineers know that only technology and drive will make them a reality.

DSE has the expertise and systems to support the various technical fields of our customers, right from R&D and through to project management. Utilizing the most advanced CAD / CAE system, and able to adjust quickly to our customers’ requests, DSE is the perfect partner in this technologically demanding and dynamic industry. DSE is able to provide full support to companies wishing to explore the limitless possibilities the aerospace field offers.


  • Planning and performing aircraft aerodynamic and vibration tests
  • Planning and performing rocket vibration tests
  • Planning and performance testing of guided weapon systems


  • Baseline design of aircraft (aerodynamic, load)
  • Structural design and structural analysis of aircraft
  • Aircraft equipment and electronic systems design
  • Primary design of electronic systems used in guided weapon systems
  • Electronic device design for space satellites
  • Development and design of satellite ground equipment and support systems

Production Engineering

  • NC programming for machinery parts
  • Planning the assembly procedure for aircraft, guided weapon systems, and aerospace devices

Quality Assurance

  • Software validation for aircraft and guided weapon systems
  • Reliability data analysis for aircraft and guided weapon systems
  • Quality assurance planning for the supply / processing / assembly of parts for aircraft, guided weapon systems and aerospace devices
  • Defect data analysis of rockets

Logistical Support

  • Technical support for the operation and maintenance of delivered aircraft and guided weapon systems