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“Better support through superior technology”.

Above all, we are engineers. Our teams of experts strive to excel in the demanding and dynamic fields of aerospace, automobile, industrial machinery and software. We challenge the most advanced technologies with innovation and expertise to provide our customers with the most cutting-edge industrial solutions.

Our Contribution

Our customers are companies that are changing the world, building a better tomorrow with technology and innovation. DSE supports our customers’ endeavors, and in doing so ensures our contribution to society. Our partnerships allow our engineers to work with products that are all essential for the growth of today’s global economies – products that move people, deliver goods and expand horizons. In this way, the satisfaction of our customers also means a proud contribution to society.

Our People

Our employees are our most vital assets. We create a dynamic, challenging and rewarding work environment so that our employees work harder and reach further to satisfy and exceed the needs of our customers. Individual growth keeps pace with company growth, and challenges become our pleasures. DSE teams are proud to be a part of the making of tomorrow’s technologies and dreams.

PRESIDENT & CEO Yasushi Uchida

Management Policy

DSE follows three guiding principles to contribute to the development of technology and society.

  • Always look from the customer’s viewpoint, provide the best possible service and ensure our contribution drives the innovation of future technology.
  • Involve all employees, value their participation and creative contribution in management. Give them the respect and trust to create their own goals in the pursuit of individual and company success.
  • Live actively, with good accord, good faith, and good health.

Customer Satisfaction

We uphold a principle of quality, providing our customers with the best possible service. In keeping with this principle and our mission, DSE engineers are always looking for ways to improve our products and services.