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The world leader, Japan’s automotive industry continues to respond to the needs of today and tomorrow with innovations driven by the importance of style, comfort, safety and environmental responsibility.
DSE takes up the challenge offering its expertise in areas such as mechanical and electrical design. Utilizing 3D CAD / CAM for our equipment and systems, our automotive engineers have proven up to the challenge of providing full support for the highly specialized and diverse needs of our customers.

Research / Advanced Development

  • Future engine development
  • Semiconducting elemental device development for automobiles

Design / Development

  • Control logic development for engine control units
  • Embedded control software development for electronic control units
  • Electronic circuit design for electronic control units
  • Casing design for electronic control units
  • HV elemental technology development
  • Elemental / technical development for next-generation transportation systems (ASV)
  • Elemental / technical development for driver assist systems (AHS)
  • Power train / drive-train development
  • Development of vehicle control systems
  • Loading design for vehicle systems
  • Vehicle performance development (experiment, CAE analysis)
  • Design and modeling of the body (interior, electrical) / chassis
  • Parts / structure design for the body units

System Development

  • Innovative IT solutions to improve operating processes

Production Engineering

  • Production preparation support (equipment plan, production tryout)
  • Manual preparation for the production line / robot simulation software
  • NC data preparation for the press molds
  • Mold design / molding support for the automobile parts


  • Technology support for the software construction of concept vehicles
  • Technology support for vehicle communication with the safe drive support system
  • Development and design support for CAD


  • Simulations for power electronics
  • Software support for turbine analysis
  • Simulation verification for manufacturing procedures, equipment and computer processes