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The pressures on current Industrial machines are many, such as environmental load reduction, laborsaving and increased automatization. For companies this evolution requires considerable investment and a trusted partner with the right experience and technological know-how.

Our experienced experts provide total support for system structuring in the mechatronics and electronics fields. We provide customers with a total engineering service to meet their various technical needs such as machinery design, electric / electronic design, and control software development.

SE / Development and Design of:

  • Automatic multilevel storage units
  • High speed sortation / picking systems
  • Automatic guided vehicles
  • Conveyer systems in warehouses, plants, and delivery centers

Propose, design, and develop software systems to improve the efficiency of machinery design, as well as control design and control software development of the total logistic system and design / production management.

Machinery Design

Structure design and intensity analysis support for the stacker cranes, conveyers, and automatic guided vehicles.

Control Design

  • Support of the circuit design, harness design, and control software development for the stacker crane, conveyer, and automatic guided vehicles
  • Development and design support for higher management systems

Engineering Service

  • Propose optimal software solutions for clients’ new factory design
  • Full service consultation and management of equipment selection and factory layout

Simulation Service

  • Logistics simulations for semiconductor and liquid crystal production lines

Production Engineering / Quality Insurance / System Development

  • Support for the assembly jig planning and jig design
  • Propose optimal software solutions for quality data management and visualization
  • Propose optimal software solutions for production and process management systems