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Technology and software are now inseparable. As our support success in the aerospace and automotive fields has grown, DSE has begun to expand into the complementary field of software development. We support our customers’ new business with high-level control technologies, as well as, web, data base, and communication technologies.

Public Software (System) Development

  • Music / image content transmission system >> customized CD service
  • Audio visual / picture recording software for TV capture
  • Management database systems for merchandise sale
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) systems
  • Financial management systems for education institutions

Software Development Services for Aerospace

  • Validation systems for space satellite devices
  • Production management system for aero-engine manufacturing and repair
  • Operation and maintenance of production management systems and production business systems
  • Aviation operation systems and maintenance systems

Software (System) Development for Corporations

  • 3D display software for the automotive body welding points
  • Daily management systems
  • Process management systems
  • Schedule management systems
  • Stock management systems
  • Attendance management systems
  • Countermeasure system against the theft of confidential information
  • Application software the mobile terminal devices
  • Production management systems
  • CAD customize / automatic drawing tool development
  • Construction of energy management systems in cooperation with Cloud

Software Development for Automotive

  • Embedded control software development for EPS electronic control units
  • Embedded control software development for HV electronic control units
  • Embedded control software development for A/C electronic control units
  • Embedded control software development for AFS electronic control units

Embedded Control Development

  • Vehicular communication systems / vehicle functional control
  • Automatic control devices for guided weapon systems

Packaging / Software and Original Products

  • Manual preparation support software “e-manual”
  • My Selection

Other Services

  • The selling of Rimage® products via agencies